Funding Applications

Each year Corwen Town Council has, as part of the precept, a limited sum of money to aid projects and schemes that the Council feel will benefit the whole community. This money is for Constituted bodies with bank accounts, sets of accounts and a track record that proves that they are genuine and worthy of support. We appreciate the skills, experience and expertise which the voluntary and community sector holds and recognise the help that organisations can give to support the Council in achieving its aims and to fulfil its priorities for residents.

The Town Council therefore offers Community Support Grants to fund facilities, equipment and activities that are important to the local community, subject to the availability of funds.

Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the latest set of accounts, or a recent bank statement in the case of smaller groups at the discretion of the Community Council and follow up will be undertaken, risk assessments and copies of Insurance (where relevant). The Council expects to be credited for dispensing grant moneys by the recipients in both promotion and press, and a follow up report from successful applicants.


Grant applications will be considered at the WMP and CRM Committee with recommendations reported to the next full Council meeting for approval. Each application will be assessed on its own merits and will be considered along with other applications at that meeting. There will be a visible scoring process. To ensure as fair a distribution as possible the Town Council will regard the amount and frequency of previous awards.

The form below intends to aid organisations to approach the Council with their projects. Please fill it in and send to the address on the form. You will then be invited to come and “pitch” your project to the Council at the next ordinary meeting.